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Hollow Flower Necklace

Rose gold


 This hollow flower necklace has an overlapping flower style that looks unique and eye-catching. The overall necklace evokes a luxurious and dashing feel. 

Moreover, this necklace goes with different apparel.

Overlapping style, this necklace is crafted with two hollow flowers that are overlapped on each other and look so astonishing. Furthermore, these flowers with style provide a contrasting design.

Diamonds in flowers, the overlapping flowers are furnishes with small emboss diamonds that look you're and stylish. Additionally, the diamonds are on each of four sides.

Shine and gloss, the necklace comes with a good quality durable material. Moreover, the shiny and glowy look of the necklace provokes a glamorous style.

Easy wearing, this necklace has an adaptable and adjustable chain that makes it easy to wear.  Moreover, the chain is light in weight with steady nature. 


  • This necklace has overlapping flowers that look so amazing
  • This necklace has an adjustable and adaptable chain
  • This necklace is ideal to wear on different occasions
  • This necklace perfectly suits every dress