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Remote control small aircraft


This aircraft is popular and recognizable all over the world because of its stunning design. When it comes to practicality, this aircraft will provide you smooth and remarkable flying experience.

Furthermore, this aircraft is made with a plastic material that is high-graded and different from the typical plastic to provide you a safe experience.

✔ Impeccable design, this aircraft comes with beautiful and bright body colors that look stylish and memorable. Additionally, the shape of this aircraft is flawless and innovative to provide you the end-result according to your expectations.

✔ Tail rotor system, this aircraft has a newly designed trail rotor system that is according to the latest design and technology. Additionally, the tail rotor system is responsible for the flying of this aircraft and also for the movement of this aircraft in the air.

✔ Professional packaging,this aircraft comes with a beautiful and adorable packaging design that is liked by everyone. Additionally, the packaging box has a transparent box that looks superior and unique.


  • This aircraft comes with a USB cable charging.
  • This aircraft is less in weight to provide a good flying experience for a long time.
  • This aircraft can be the perfect gift for your child on his birthday.
  • This aircraft has remote sensing.