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Sleeveless sling stitching


For a dramatic and spirited look, we encourage you to choose this sleeveless dress for yourself and also for your daughter. This dress is vibrant and vigilant in a color that evokes energetic and likable vibes.

Additionally, wearing this suit with your girl at any event creates a perfect match that provokes an inspiring look.

Colorful pattern,this dress comes with different colors that are sequenced on the surface and evoke an adorable look. Moreover, the colors also add pleased and happy vibes. This dress has the capability to change the mood of anyone with its playful outlook.

Loose nature,  this dress is spacious and loose that evokes a reliable and friendly experience. The dress is also long towards the toe that makes it even more visible and memorable.

Sling style, this dress has dual straps that will be adjusted with your shoulders to provide you befitted experience. Moreover, sling style dresses are recognizable and popular all over the world.


  • The dress is made in European and American style theme.
  • This dress is made with quality cotton to provide you smooth and soft experience.
  • This dress has a cute and endearing look that will make you stand out in any occasion.
  • This dress is less in weight with long-term sustainability.