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Waterproof business computer bag

Black Large
Blue Trumpet
Pink Trumpet
Blue Large
Pink Large
Black Trumpet

The whole new outbreak look of this bag along with the professional vibe is more than just enough. This waterproof business bag has long term durability along with the protection of your accessories. The bag is perfect for business aspirants to carry a laptop, mobile or any other thing

Bold style, this bag is customized with valiant and simple style. The rich design with colors makes the overall professional outlook of this bag,

Mono color theme, as the bag is purely made for professionals to bestow a more professional feeling. This bag is customized in a mono color theme to avoid any fanciness and to make it more appealing.

Suitable for business aspirants, those who want to look sleeker and heroic to impress their staff or to experience a successful interview, this bag is the perfect choice for them. You do not need to worry about professional style if you equipped this bag

Functional and practical, this bag is made with high-end material to not worn-out or turn apart easily. Furthermore, the bag has considerable space to carry multiple things with ease.


  • This bag is revolutionary to wear for professionals
  • This bag is made with steady and strong material
  • The accessories inside this bag are protected with zipping
  • This bag is best choice in terms of functionality