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Women's stiletto knit single shoes

Black 7cm

These women’s knitted single shoes come with a sturdy sole along with soft fabric make that make it comfy to be wear for a long time. These shoes can be used with all different types of outfits.

Furthermore, if you are next to a beautiful yet functional pair of shoes then here are your dream shoes. Trying these would never be a regret for you.

Burnished look,these shoes are influenced by the latest and modern designs. Moreover, the overall look of these shoes is warm and cozy.

Lit-nature shoes,this pair of shoes has a light and feathery nature. Moreover, you can wear these shoes for a long time without any complications.

Inner-lining,the inner lining of these shoes is extra fluffy and snug. Moreover, these shoes will provide you a sleepy and slick experience during wear.

Excellent pattern,these shoes come with a soft and seamless pattern on all its surface that looks so satisfying. Furthermore, the pattern evokes comfort and reliability.


  • These shoes are perfect to wear with different outfits.
  • These shoes will provide you a remarkable and memorable experience.
  • These shoes have a small strap for the easy wearing experience.
  • These shoes have a soft lining with a seamless texture.